POET X-Solutions cover the entire process between suppliers and purchasers, from supplier catalog management to the corporate purchasing process.

Are you already using e-procurement tools such as SAP SRM or are you planning to introduce them? By using X-Solutions, you will make the process faster, simpler and yet more secure, from the provision of catalogs to the consumer’s shopping cart order. In addition, your ordering and delivery processes will be faster, warehousing will be more effective and catalog management more efficient. All that will reduce your costs. Bundling creates even more potential for savings.


The portfolio includes: preparation of catalogs, import of data by suppliers and the provision of approved data to the end consumer.


Modern technologies make finding products easier. Complex relationships and services can be configured easily for electronic orders.


Multi-lingual user interfaces

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Classification & mapping of classifications

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Interfaces for SRM / OCI 3, 4, 5

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To-do lists for open tasks

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Procurement of services

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User roles, access and multi-client capability

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Gregor Göbel
Sales Manager
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