Protogo makes flexible exchange and quality testing of product data possible at the interface between suppliers and customers.

Purchase information is the foundation of transactions. Whether suppliers, retailers or buyers, everyone is interested in current, valid information. Protogo gives you a flexible data import and export function with high security measures. Our supplier portal in the self-service area can import and export in compliance with many standards and formats. In addition, you will benefit from its comprehensive search and evaluation features, as well as the numerous options for the description and preparation of your data.


Individual and flexible: vendor ranges are integrated easily, regardless of the form and quality of product information.


Information is configured for standard formats at product and characteristics levels, including individual adjustments and verification.


Whether importing, storing or exporting: data quality is ensured by rules, while tests and modifications are created by the rule generator module.


Multi-lingual product data

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Classification & mapping of classifications

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Open characteristics model

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To-do lists for open tasks

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User roles and rights

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Gregor Göbel
Sales Manager
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