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Automatically good. Efficient catalogs are the basis for groundbreaking e-procurement systems. We automate general procurement of C-class articles, services and complex product groups for you and help your projects to succeed in the SAP environment. This makes your procurement processes simpler and more profitable.


As SAP partners, we help you with back end integration, master data management and with linking other SAP solutions. With us, you can procure consumables using SAP SRM using the latest technologies and interfaces.


E-Procurement EN Products


Manage supplier catalogs for your purchasing processes


Professional support and certified operation


Product data made simple with excellent supplier support


Efficient and simple is how procurement systems should be. The requirements include valid product data that can quickly check your purchase and approve or reject it, and which can be found quickly using modern search mechanisms. Excellent catalog platforms also integrate purchasing services and decentralized company structures. If you supplement your SAP SRM solution with our X-Solutions system, this will give you the highest possible level of automation. Our platform will take over all of the tasks of processing catalogs and provides the latest technologies and interfaces for searches. This guarantees acceptance by users - and you gain transparency and control.


Top data quality is a must in e-procurement. We will improve your data over the long-term and support your entire content management process. This means that we can show you how to integrate catalogs from suppliers and manufacturers around the world and prepare, maintain and validate internal catalogs, prepare documents for contractual negotiations and analyze utilization of your supplier catalogs. We will be happy to take on your operational activities. This will relieve your buyers, create increased transparency in contractual negotiations with suppliers and give you support when preparing needs-based catalogs for different product groups.


The more complicated as a service is, the simpler your procurement process should be, even when the volume of services has been changed from the time of request to actual provision of the service. Electronic catalogs offer huge potential because they can efficiently handle all repetitive services. Our approach uses interactive shopping carts and query processes. They enable the configuration and harmonization between all parties involved (requestor, purchaser and service provider) to be done before the actual order is placed. The same applies to the service entry process. So we can create efficient, automated ordering and invoicing processes.


We identify room for potential. By linking SAP SRM solutions with our tools and services in the catalog environment, we enable our customers to automate procurement processes, design them more efficiently and significantly reduce costs. For more than 20 years, we have accompanied customers along the path to successful e-procurement systems. We help you with back end integration, master data management and integration with other SAP solutions. Implementation can be carried out by partners or directly by us - in either case we are your contact for all questions.

Gregor Göbel
Sales Manager
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