The expert committee for property values in Berlin is responsible for creating transparency in the capital city’s real estate market. The foundation for this is an automated system for collecting sales prices, with more than 35 million individual records. This data originates from a variety of sources and is recorded by numerous people according to categories such as “site” or “residential building”. How can this data pool be modernized, when the technical basis dates back to 1995, especially when modification is made more difficult by the fact that several tools are no longer executable?

Our idea: to create a completely new, modern basis and migrate the legacy data. Users should be able to access the database using a platform-independent browser-based user interface in compliance with data protection guidelines. 

Our solution: the new sales price collection system is state-of-the-art, scalable for future needs, technically stable and user-friendly. The updates and improvements not only help the committee internally, but also facilitate external interaction. Officials from the Finance Ministry, courts of law, job centers and independent experts can quickly find the relevant information for their queries. Furthermore, private citizens can monitor market developments via a web site - a simple, and free, approach.

„POET immediately understood our requirements and quickly presented an expert and convincing solution.”
Petra Bautsch, Group Leader for the Collection of Sales Prices in the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment
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