Daimler AG is one of the most successful companies in the history of the automotive industry. Their vehicles and services are available in nearly every country in world. How does procurement work in such a major global company, using numerous suppliers with hundreds of catalogs? And how can new additions be integrated?

Our idea: to build an integrated comprehensive concept for the Daimler AG eShop, which would fit into the existing IT landscape, could be used internationally and manage the increasing number of catalogs via a content management system. Our solution: integration of the suppliers using the POET X-Solutions catalog platform. This application helps with procurement of C-class articles and means all consumable materials (from pencils to electronic control units to workbenches) can be ordered online. In addition, we offer services such as linking, monitoring, updating, supplier training and a technological catalog manager as a permanent contact for operational purchasing.

In the meantime, 300 suppliers with 3 million articles have been incorporated in the eShop. Suppliers login via Supplier Domains and create tailor-made catalogs for Daimler in self-service mode. The products are classified according to material classifications and product groups. By connecting the cWay warehouse and new parts processes, more than 100 new parts queries can be processed transparently each day. Data quality and supplier support have improved and the overall procurement process is running noticeably more smoothly.

„The number of features and the flexibility with which POET can implement customer requirements persuaded us.”
Milian Braun, International Procurement Services Team Leader for Daimler AG

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