ABB is a global leader in energy and automation technology, with 152,000 employees in more than 100 countries. How can such a diversified, international company present their entire product portfolio to customers in a consistent manner? After all, highly different and multi-cultural requirements must be taken into consideration. In addition to numerous languages, there are a variety of units of measure, local publishing requests and business processes typical for each country.

Our idea was to combine the existing patchwork of applications in a single platform. Our services include: design, implementation, import, configuration, export and go-live processes with a limited number of products - all within one month.

ABB is now using our Product Manager system as a central data warehouse for product information. With this system, 800,000 products from hundreds of business divisions can be managed. The data can be used for both internal and external purposes. When information is imported, a Content Manager system ensures that the data is refined, so that it can be exported in a variety of formats. In the meantime, ABB can provide 30,000 items for use in e-commerce scenarios.

“We looked at more than 15 different providers for a technology that is able to manage a broad spectrum of web content and business processes, and do so in many languages, markets and business divisions. The significance of this is key to our e-business strategy, because it targets improving relations with our customers and offering them our entire catalog of products worldwide. POET’s Product Data Center satisfied these requirements. The major difference was in their technical concept.”

Dave Ursetto, Program Manager Content Management at ABB Inc.

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